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Our Vision

Young men without a father figure in their lives will be provided with role models and positive influences that will bridge the father gap and help develop them as leaders to become a positive influence in the world and support them in achieving the ultimate victory – walking in the destiny God has planned for them.

Our Mission

The mission of Team Focus, Inc. is to provide a year round program of support, encouragement and Godly values that foster the development of life skills in young men (ages 10-18) without a father figure in their lives, bridge the father gap and support the family structure.


From our Founder, Mike Gottfried

“Growing up without a father around and knowing what that feels like, I have a desire to provide a place for young men to come and be encouraged, motivated, and challenged. You know, how many times, kids will put up a front and try to hide the hurt from not having been taught how to do certain things and that can be painful.” - Mike

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